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Browse Rates and Coverage Amounts is dedicated to helping you find the best life insurance policy, while saving you as much money as possible! How do we do that? Simply put, our technology and relationships are what enable us to pass the savings onto you.

Life insurance companies are constantly calculating and updating rates based on the changing demographics of the US population. is connected to the databases of the leading carriers to help you find the best deal while using the most up-to-date rates.

What’s better is that our service is 100% free, and super-fast! All you have to do is:

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As you are shopping around, there are certain questions that you should ask yourself. The best one to start with is: “How much coverage do I need?” To give you an idea, most people opt for a Term Policy with about $250,000 in coverage. Why this amount or any amount for that matter? The answer is that it all depends on how much debt you would need to payoff and how much income you would need to replace in the event you are no longer around to provide for your loved ones.

Another good question to ask yourself, or one of the several qualified agents can connect you with, is how long do want to be covered and whether an investment component in your policy is right for you. Unlike a term policy, which as its name suggests has rates and coverage based on a set term or number of years, a Permanent Policy does not expire. Typically, Whole Life, the most common type of permanent insurance, not only serves to pay-out your beneficiaries upon your passing, but also has a current cash value that can be borrowed against or cashed-out anytime. Essentially, permanent policies are investments and can grow in value whereas term policies do not. The catch is that they often have higher premiums. You can learn more about life insurance and policy types by clicking on the icons below.

So with flexible policy options plus the best rates and coverage, don’t wait any longer. Secure your coverage now with and get back to living your life with those who matter most!

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*Disclaimer: All quotes and rates are for illustration purposes. Actual premiums and coverage will be based on age, gender, health history, certain underwriting criteria, state of residence, and tobacco usage. Certain policies may require a medical exam. Not all policies or companies are available in all states. Advertised products are for US residents only.
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