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Prudential Life Insurance

LifePlans is an online platform where customers can get an in-depth insight into the pricing and other life insurance-related information. The customer care team of LifePlans is 24×7 available to assist the customers and solve their queries. So, without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Life Insurance Coverage Options

People who are looking for Prudential Life Insurance can apply for the following coverages:

Prudential Term Life Insurance

Prudential Term Life Insurance offers a fixed amount of coverage for a set of periods. This type of insurance is highly affordable. The company offers these four types of term policies, which can be converted to permanent within the first five years.

Term Essential

Term essential policy comes with business and death benefits. It covers final expenses, mortgage payments, and other essential debts. Apart, it is highly affordable and customizable, which replaces low income for the family. You can add life insurance riders to include your children attain this policy if you fall ill or get disabled.


This policy comes with the business, and it is highly recommended to small business owners who need to pay short-term loans and additional coverage. This type of insurance is only available for one year at one time.

Term Elite

Term elite policy comes with death benefits, and it covers final expenses, mortgage payments, replaces the lost income for your family, etc. It is very similar to the term elite but comes with additional benefits. It includes applying for premium payments to acquire permanent life insurance if you transfer the current policy to it in the coming first five years.

Simple Term

Simply terms provide up to $1 million coverage, purchased online. It comes with mortgage payments and death benefits. It is highly accessible and affordable, and one can apply for 10, 20, or even 30 years of life insurance.

Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life insurance comes in three types. These policies are similar to universal life policies.

PruLife Founders Plus UL: It can be kept for as long as you want and covers offset taxes, illness, business, death, and benefits. It is recommended for people who wish to maintain their insurance and protect high cash value when they retire from their job.

PruLife Index Advantage UL: It covers illness, business, added income, and offset taxes. It is recommended to people who want to maintain their insurance.

PruLife Survivorship Index UL: This policy comes with legacy and offsets taxes. Couples who are planning their real estate should choose this. It covers two people, and if both the people pass away, it will pay off the death benefit accordingly. You can add your children and other riders to the policy to protect your estate.

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Advantages Of Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential Life Insurance offers customizable options to the customers, which are not often included in the other companies’ policies. It provides BenefitAccess that enables customers to accelerate the death benefit they are f diagnosed with a terminal or long-term health condition.
The website of Prudential Life Insurance is highly easy to direct. It offers the advantage of an online rate calculator and other information and in-depth details for the first-time insurance buyer.
The buyer can receive a quote and buy the term life products of the coverage of up to $250,000, along with a universal online policy.

Disadvantages Of Prudential Life Insurance

Prudential provides variable universal, term, and universal policies but not whole life insurance options to the buyers.
The website is easy to navigate, but Prudential life insurance has no mobile application.
It has a lengthy approval process, which takes around 8 weeks to get the approval.
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Prudential Variable Universal Life Insurance

Variable Universal policies are considered the top policy leaders, as it comes with complete protection and flexibility in terms of investments.

VUL Protector: This policy comes with added income, offset taxes, legacy, and business. You can opt for this policy if you want to protect your asset.

PruLife Custom Premier II: It is designed to build cash value faster than longer terms. It offers guarantees against lapsing in the early years of coverage. It is valid for up to 10 years.

PruLife SVUL Protector: These policies offer no-lapse guarantees and come with offset taxes, business, and legacy. It provides coverage for two people, and when both pass away, it pays out the legacy to the riders.


Customer Satisfaction And Financial Strength Review

Prudential has a strong reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction. There is no BBB rating, as it is not certified by the Better Business Bureau. On the BBB website, the Prudential life insurance complaints are given in around 100, which is less. However, many people complaint regarding the response times, poor customer service, change requests and failed correspondence. The J.D Power Study gave them 3 out 5 stars regarding customer satisfaction. It is an average rating. The Prudential Insurance Life Company has a good satisfaction reading.

The Prudential Life Insurance customer service can help you with online accounts, filing death claims, life insurance policies, and more. You can get a quote from the company’s website only after answering a few questions. If you like it, you can buy it online, or reach out to the customer care team to purchase the quote. The application process of Prudential Life Insurance will ask you to fill out the policy and social security numbers, date of birth, death, name of the insured, along with funeral home’s name and number. You can acquire the claim within minutes, and it will take only 7 to 8 minutes to attain it online!


Prudential Universal Life Insurance

Prudential life insurance offers permanent coverage that lets the policyholder pay more than their premiums every month. In simple words, whatever the customer pays, it diverted into the account, and they earn interest based on that. There are two types of policies, which come under Universal Life.

PruLife Essential UL: This policy works as a protection for the family. If something happens to the policyholder, or if the person is still alive, it can offer various advantages to the family.

PruLife SUL Protector: It is designed to help by transferring h health by paying the advantages at the death of the second insured person.


Prudential Life Insurance offers numerous term life and universal life insurance plans.Overall, it has a good financial strength rating, and most of its customers are highly satisfied with its services.